December 1, 2022


Reason Of Failure And Remedy Measures Of Coal Mine Belt Conveyor

Summary: The coal mine belt conveyor incessantly fails all the way through operation. As an example, the deviation of the belt can simply purpose issues akin to subject matter scattering, belt put on, and deviation of the strolling course, which brings difficulties to the following processes and plenty of different issues. This paper discusses the typical faults akin to strange noise and deviation of the conveyor belt of coal mine belt conveyor, and proposes corresponding answers. 

Belt conveyors are extensively utilized in coal mines. Subsequently, it is important to to forestall injuries and get rid of belt conveyor injuries. 

1. Conveyor belt strange noise.

1.1 Atypical noise of redirecting drum and riding drum

When the reversing drum and the riding drum are operating in most cases, the noise may be very small. If strange noise happens, it’s in most cases because of the wear of the bearing, which reasons a damn sound on the bearing seat, and the bearing must be changed right now. ​

1.2 The noise when the loafer is significantly off-center

When the loafer incessantly makes strange noise and is accompanied through periodic vibration all the way through the belt conveyor is operating. The principle causes are: First, the thickness of the seamless metal pipe used to fabricate the loafer isn’t uniform, leading to a big centrifugal drive; the second one is that the middle of the bearing hollow and the middle of the outer circle have a big deviation when generating, leading to a big centrifugal drive. 

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1.3 Noise when the 2 shafts of the coupling aren’t concentric

On the high-speed operating finish of the power tool, the strange noise from the coupling between the motor and the reducer or the coupling with the brake wheel is incessantly accompanied through vibration of the similar frequency because the motor’s rotation. The location of the motor reducer must be adjusted when have this noise.

2. belt conveyor conveyor belt deviation

2.1 Alter the burden bearing curler workforce

When the conveyor belt deviates in the midst of all the conveyor device, which can also be adjusted through trade the location of the loafer workforce. All the way through the manufacturing of idlers, the mounting holes on all sides of the loafer set has been machined into lengthy holes for adjustment. 

The particular approach of adjustment is: transfer the aspect of the loafer set deflected ahead within the aspect of the conveyor belt operating course, or transfer the opposite aspect backward; if the belt deviates within the upward operating course, the loafer set decrease place must transfer to the left, and the higher place must be moved to the correct. 

2.2 Set up of self-aligning loafer set

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There are lots of forms of self-aligning loafer units, akin to intermediate shaft kind, four-link kind, vertical curler kind and so forth. The main is to make use of the blockading curler to rotate within the horizontal aircraft to prevent the transverse thrust, in order that the belt is robotically centripetal, so that you can reach the aim of fixing the deviation of the belt. 

2.3 Alter the location of the riding drum and the reversing drum

The adjustment of the riding drum and the reversing drum is the important thing hyperlink within the adjustment of the belt deviation. If the deflection is just too huge, it’s going to inevitably result in deviation. The adjustment approach is very similar to adjusting the loafer set. For head pulleys, if the belt runs off to the correct aspect of the pulley, the correct bearing housing must transfer ahead. If the belt deviates to the left of the drum, the left bearing housing must transfer ahead. Correspondingly, the left bearing seat or the correct bearing seat may also be moved backward. The adjustment approach of the tail curler is solely the other of that of the top curler. Via repeated adjustment, till the belt is adjusted to a extra appropriate place. 

2.4 Adjustment of hysteria

When the use of screw tensioning or hydraulic cylinder tensioning, the 2 bearing seats of the tensioning drum must be translated on the similar time to make sure that the axis of the drum is perpendicular to the longitudinal course of the belt. The particular adjustment approach is very similar to the adjustment on the drum. 

2.5 Adjustment of deviation of belt conveyor in two-way operation

The adjustment of the belt deviation of the two-way belt conveyor is reasonably harder than the adjustment of the deviation of the single-direction belt conveyor. One course must be adjusted first, after which the opposite course must be adjusted. When the stage of adjustment is huge, sparsely apply the connection between the belt motion course and the deviation development, and regulate one at a time. The emphasis must be positioned at the adjustment of the riding drum and the reversing drum, adopted through the adjustment of the loafer and the fabric blanking level.

3. The belt conveyor spreads the fabric

The conveyor spreads the fabric is a not unusual downside,  there are lots of causes for it, the point of interest of the answer is to enhance day by day upkeep and upkeep. 

3.1 Subject matter unfold when the concave a part of belt is dangling

When the radius of curvature of the concave a part of belt is small, the belt shall be gangling, and the groove of the belt will trade. Because the belt has left the grooved loafer set, the groove perspective turns into smaller, inflicting a part of the fabric unfold. Subsequently, a bigger radius of curvature of the concave segment must be used up to conceivable within the design to keep away from such scenarios. As an example, in an effort to shorten the tail automobile, at the stacker and reclaimer apparatus, the concave segment this is designed as a space with out arc transition. 

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3.2 The affect of the fabrics fall place on the switch level at the deviation of the belt

The fabrics fall place of the fabric on the switch level has an excellent affect at the deviation of the belt. Typically, the relative peak of the higher and decrease belt conveyors on the switch level should be thought to be. The decrease the relative peak, the higher the horizontal pace part of the fabric, and the higher the lateral have an effect on at the decrease belt. On the similar time, it’s tough for the fabric to be focused in order that the fabric at the pass segment of the belt are skewed, which sooner or later ends up in the deviation of the belt. If the fabric deflects to the correct, the belt deflects to the left. Vice versa. 

4. The shaft of the reducer is damaged

The damaged shaft of the reducer typically happens at the high-speed shaft of the reducer, and typically the primary degree of the the high-speed shaft of reducer is the vertical half-gear shaft.  

4.1 The eccentric of high-speed shaft

When the motor shaft and the high-speed shaft of the reducer aren’t concentric, the enter shaft of the reducer incessantly will increase the radial load and will increase the bending second of the shaft, in order that the shaft shall be damaged all the way through long-term operation. Subsequently, its place must be sparsely adjusted all the way through set up and upkeep to make sure that the 2 axes are concentric. 

4.2 The design power of the high-speed shaft of the reducer isn’t sufficient

Most often, the damaged shaft of the reducer happens on the shoulder of the curler, as a result of there’s a transition fillet right here, which is typically have fatigue injury. If the perspective is just too small, the reducer will smash the shaft in a short while, and the smash section floor is typically flat. When this occurs, the design of the reducer must get replaced or changed. 

5. Belt carrier lifestyles

The carrier lifetime of the belt is said to the use situation and the standard of the belt. The producing high quality of the belt is the most important issue affecting the lifetime of the belt. Robotically, a visible inspection can also be performed to look if there are cracks, getting older, and so forth., or whether or not the garage time is just too lengthy, the belt have above issues can’t be bought.

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6. The affect of the curvature radius of the convex and concave segment at the conveyor belt.

6.1. The center of the pass segment of the convex belt is arched

The convex segment of the belt incessantly happens in the midst of the belt floor, which is the center bulges. The principle reason why for arching and discounting is that the strain worth distinction at the unit period of the center and outer aspects of the belt pass segment is just too huge, in order that the belt slides to the center to shape arching or discounting. The bigger the groove perspective, the smaller the curvature radius of the convex phase, and the more severe the arching and discounting.

6.2 The concave segment bounces up and is deflected through the wind when the conveyor get started operating.If there is not any subject matter when the belt conveyor begins, the belt will spring up on the concave segment. In case of robust wind, the belt shall be deflected. Subsequently, it’s best so as to add a drive pulley to the concave segment of the belt conveyor to keep away from the belt from bouncing or being deflected through the wind. 

7. Belt slip

7.1. Conveyor belt Slippage of heavy hammer tensioning

If the conveyor belt slip When makes use of a heavy hammer tensioning tool,counterweight can also be added to unravel the belt slip till the belt does now not slip. However upload an excessive amount of will even  affect belt carrier lifestyles as a result of needless over the top stress, so upload appropriate drive counterweight is okay.

7.2. conveyor belt Slippage of screw tensioning or hydraulic tensioning

If the belt conveyor slip when the use of screw tensioning or hydraulic tensioning slips,  can regulate the tensioning stroke to extend the tensioning drive. 

In conclusion, the conveyor belt is the most important mechanical apparatus within the manufacturing procedure. Many customers have used the conveyor for a few years, however the continuously upkeep of the belt conveyor are important . Finding out the typical faults of belt conveyors and their remedy strategies may be very really helpful to the standard use and upkeep. Subsequently, it is important to be informed the reason for failure and remedy measures of coal mine conveyor belt to enhance the productiveness.

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