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Advent of Cash Heist –

Unlock Date:  2017.

Language: English.

High quality: Complete Authentic Netflix HD.

Manufacturer:  Alex Pina.

Style: Motion, Crime, Thriller, Mystery.


Cash Heist is an English Drama model of common Spanish display “Los angeles Casa De Papel“. This Spanish display used to be at first aired in 2017 on Community Antenna, however Netflix took its rights and renamed it as Cash Heist for its World Target market. It used to be launched in two seasons and 4 portions. With time, Cash Heist has turn out to be essentially the most watched Netflix collection in any language.


The entire tale of Cash Heist revolves across the magnificent robberies within the historical past of Spain by means of 8 Thieves (coded-name robbers). Their mastermind personality is “The Professor” who’s making plans a very powerful monetary establishment heist within the history. Their goal is to go into the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid and print 2.4 billion. When issues worsen for they all, they live to tell the tale and break out. The collection has an excellent storyline and without a doubt, each and every a part of Cash Heist has received monumental recognition inside a couple of months handiest.

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It begins with the advent of the previous lifetime of 8 nice thieves, whose mastermind is “The Professor” and their names are coded as nation names. All of the staff plan to execute a very powerful robbery withinside the data of Spain thru focused on “Royal Mint of Spain”. Since, they took care of each and every minute element however The Professor and his group made some errors by means of violating the heist regulations.


Álvaro Morte as El ProfesorÚrsula Corberó as TokioPedro Alonso as BerlínMiguel Herrán as RíoPaco Tous as MoscowJaime Lorente as DenverAlba Flores as NairobiDarko Peric as HelsinkiRoberto García Suárez as OsloItziar Ituño as RaquelFernando Soto as ÁngelMario de los angeles Rosa as SuárezJuan Fernández as Coronel PrietoEnrique Arce as Arturo RománMaría Pedraza as Alison ParkerNaia Guz Sanchez as PaulaEsther Acebo as EstocolmoKiti Manver as Marivì

Season 1 Episode 1: “Efectuar lo acordado” or “Do as Deliberate.”

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar.

Storyline: The venture is deliberate by means of the mysterious mastermind “The Professor” and the entire 8 robbers Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Helsinki, Berlin, Nairobi and Oslo effectively input within the Royal Mint of Spain. They take the access of their purple jumpsuits and Salvador Dali mask. They snatch 67 hostages to print €2.4 billion ahead of escaping from where. As part of their plan, they take a number of steps to make their venture a success. Police Inspector Raquel Murillo takes price of this situation however she does no longer know that the mastermind of this heist is round her. She got here nearer to him and issues exchange now.

Season 1 Episode 2: “Imprudencias Letales” or “Deadly Negligence.”

Directed By way of: Miguel Ángel Vivas.

Storyline: The robbers and their mastermind get started printing notes and the chief of Royal Mint, Arturo Román plans to flee together with his secretary and mistress Monika Gaztambide. In the meantime, Berlin catches Monika with a mobile phone and orders Denver to kill her. Rio’s mistake makes his and Tokyo’s id found out by means of the law enforcement officials.

Season 1 Episode 3: “Errar Al Disparar” or “Misfire.”

Directed By way of: Álex Rodrigo.

Storyline: Accepting that Denver has carried out Monika on Berlin’s order, the daddy of Denver, Moscow will get surprised and censures himself for remembering Denver for the heist. Raquel’s fellowship with Salva transforms into an in depth connection with out figuring out the results and authentic persona of the Professor.

Season 1 Episode 4: “Caballo de Troya” as “Trojan Horse.”

Directed By way of: Alejandro Bazzano.

Storyline: Arturo were given shot by means of one of the vital robbers and as in line with Professor’s calls for, Raquel despatched her better half Angel Rubio undercover with a scientific group to regulate robbers. Professor specializes in her plan and idea an concept by means of putting a worm inside of Angel’s glasses to obtain a receive advantages at the Police.

Season 1 Episode 5: “El día de los angeles Marmota” or “Groundhog Day.”

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar.

Storyline: The professor runs to the Police to get rid of the evidence that may finish their recreation. Denver calls Monika in a mysterious space after her faux execution to practice Belin’s order and each come closer.

Season 1 Episode 6: “Los angeles cálida Guerra Fría” or “The Scorching Chilly Battle.”

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Directed By way of: Miguel Ángel Vivas.

Storyline: The professor comes out of the scrapyard and a person sees him. The professor threatens him to be quiet in entrance of Police. Berlin got here to grasp concerning the faux execution of Monika and concluded to kill Denver as he believed that he used to be the one one to show his id.

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Season 1 Episode 7: “Refrigerada inestabilidad” or “Cool Instability.”

Directed By way of: Álex Rodrigo.

Storyline: The robbers deliberate to make use of hostages to get additional time from Police. Raquel uncovered a secret about Berlin’s existence that he has restricted time to live to tell the tale because of his sickness. This secret creates suspicion within the group. Police is convincing Rio to give up.

Season 1 Episode 8: “Tú lo has buscado” or, “You Requested for It”.

Directed By way of:  Alejandro Bazzano.

Storyline:  Raquel loses her believe in Angel because of the worm planted within the glasses. Arturo makes an break out plan with different hostages. He used to be surprised to grasp concerning the dating of Denver and Monika. Angel is aware of about the true id of Salva aka Professor. Prior to he deliberate to inform anyone, he were given in a automotive twist of fate and went in a coma.

Season 1 Episode 9: “El Que los angeles sigue los angeles consigue” or “Whoever Helps to keep Attempting It, Will get It” .

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar.

Storyline: Arturo’s break out plan reasons 16 hostages to effectively break out and Oslo is set to die after being overwhelmed by means of hostages. To expose Salva’s actual id, Angel left many voicemails on Raquel’s telephone and her landline. Raquel’s mom listens to that message and because of her Alzheimer’s illness, she notes down the message. She tries to connect to Raquel however she doesn’t resolution. Raquel’s mom calls Salva and explains the message. Being attentive to the whole lot, Professor comes to a decision to kill her mom however after figuring out about her illness, he handles the placement in a different way. Raquel is going to Robbers’ villa with Salva, the place the heist used to be deliberate. 

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Section 2 is the addition of Section 1, the place issues were given in reality tensed between the Police, The Professor and the Group.

Season 1 (Section 2) Episode 1: “Se acabaron las máscaras” or “Masked No Longer.”

Directed By way of: Álex Rodrigo.

Storyline: The law enforcement officials reached the Robbers’ Villa with Raquel’s ex-husband (forensic professional) and tested the evidence deliberately set out by means of The Professor. Alberto will get burned evidence from Chimney for forensic analysis. Salva takes the elevate to Madrid from Alberto with the intention to erase that evidence and had a combat with him. Since Alberto is subconscious, the Professor replaces the evidence. Upon getting aware, Alberto arrests Salva however he will get loose with the assistance of Raquel. Complete group were given demanding as there used to be no name from the Professor. Offended Berlin ties Tokyo with a desk and later, police seize her.

Season 1 (Section 2) Episode 2: “Los angeles Cabeza del plan” or “The Head of the Plan.”

Directed By way of: Alejandro Bazzano.

Storyline: Berlin turns Tokyo to the Police and Rio loses his peace and comes to a decision to take revenge from Berlin. Rio joins Arturo and plans to flee and Berlin plans to kill Rio.

Season 1 (Section 2) Episode 3: “Cuestión de eficacia” or “A Subject of Potency.”

Directed By way of: Javier Quintas.

Storyline:  Rio joins the group once more when the Professor guarantees to rescue Tokyo from Police. He tells them about Arturo’s break out plan. Raquel plans to catch the professor by means of making a rumor that Angel’s is out of the coma. When the Professor concentrate this information, he employed loads of clowns and dressed himself to go into the sanatorium for the affirmation. Quickly after, Raquel identifies Salva as The Professor in a restaurant and he or she witnesses the orange hair on his jacket from his clown’s wig.

Season 1 (Section 2) Episode 4: “¿Qué hemos hecho?” or “What Have We Performed?”

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar & Alex Rodrigo.

Storyline: Raquel takes Professor into custody and interrogate on the villa. Arturo were given punished for break out plans and Moscow tells Denver her mom’s fact. Tokyo will get rescued and he or she rides a motorbike immediately within the mint the place the Police get started firing whilst Moscow opens the door for her. 

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Season 1 (Section 2) Episode 5: “A contrarreloj” or “Towards the Clock.”

Directed By way of: Alejandro Bazzano.

Storyline: The group is discovering a method to break out during the tunnel. Professor escapes from the Villa at gunpoint and police be told the reality about Salva’s id. Raquel begins investigating the case on her personal and takes CCTV pictures of eating places to search out The Professor.

Season 1 (Section 2) Episode 6: “Bella ciao” or “Bye Gorgeous.”

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar & Alex Rodrigo.

Plot: Police Inspector Suarez takes price of the case. The group comes to a decision to flee with the cash i.e. €984 million. Raquel met Angel however the police stuck them and requested Angel about Professor’s deal with which he hides. Berlin is helping everybody to flee by means of combating off with Police and the entire group with Monika escapes with the cash. The group and Professor effectively break out from the Villa ahead of the police achieve the deal with. A yr later, it used to be reported that Robbers have been nonetheless at the run with none clue of location or cash. Quickly after, Raquel leaves the process and reveals postcards discussed with the coordinates which have been despatched by means of the Professor. She reaches to the coordinates which might be in Palawan, Philippines the place she met the Professor there.

Rio were given arrested by means of police and the entire group reunited to rescue him from the Financial institution of Spain to barter with the government. for the discharge of Rio.

Cash Heist Season 2 Forged

Álvaro Morte as El profesorÚrsula Corberó as TokyoMiguel Herrán as RíoJaime Lorente as DenverAlba Flores as NairobiDarko Peric as HelsinkiItziar Ituño as RaquelRodrigo de los angeles Serna as PalermoMario de los angeles Rosa as SuárezJuan Fernández as Coronel PrietoEnrique Arce as Arturo RománMaría Pedraza as Alison ParkerNaia Guz Sanchez as PaulaNajwa Nimri as Alicia SierraHovik Keuchkerian as BogotáLuka Peros as Marseille

Season 2 Episode 1: “Hemos vuelto” or “We’re Again.”

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar.

Storyline: Arturo turns into a motivational speaker and Rio and Tokyo survive an island in Panama. Rio will get arrested whilst Tokyo escapes and calls the Professor to rescue Rio. They reunite the group and plan any other heist at the Financial institution of Spain with 3 new participants: Bogota, Palermo and Marseille.

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Season 2 Episode 2: “Aikido”.

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar.

Plot: The professor plans to rob the Financial institution of Spain and so they use the army to go into there. The general public got here to cheer for robbers and turn out to be towards the federal government to rescue Rio.

Season 2 Episode 3: “48 metros bajo el suelo” or “48 Meters Underground.”

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar.

Storyline: The group of robbers engages in conflicts with guards and government. Officers within the Financial institution of Spain. Palermo used to be accountable for this situation. Denver and Bogota picked their males and effectively opened the vault and granted get admission to to the gold.

Season 2 Episode 4: “Increase, Increase, Ciao”.

Directed By way of: Koldo Serra.

Storyline: Alicia and Tamayo have been assigned to barter with The Professor. The robbers divulge that they learn about the second one vault and ask the Governor to open it and regularly issues get out of keep an eye on.

Season 2 Episode 5: “Las cajas rojas” or “The Purple Packing containers.”

Directed By way of: Koldo Serra.

Storyline: The group were given a success in opening the vault the place “the purple packing containers” have been discovered, containing secret paperwork of the Executive. Denver unearths the purple packing containers in Public. Sierra manages to create variations between the Professor and Raquel (Lisbon) from her statements.

Season 2 Episode 6: “Todo Pareció Insignificante” or “The whole lot Gave the impression Insignificant.”

Directed By way of: Álex Rodrigo.

Storyline: Professor and Lisbon manages to tell the group concerning the breach. Sierra is of the same opinion to unencumber Rio and the group.

Season 2 Episode 7: “Pequeñas Vacaciones” or “A Fast Holiday.”

Directed By way of:  Álex Rodrigo.

Storyline: The group plays surgical operation on Rio to test if Police insert any bodily instrument in his frame. Professor instructs Rio to take a holiday which is a coded message concerning the affirmation of the instrument. Whilst escaping, Professor hides on a tree and Lisbon hides in a cottage within the Jungle.

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Season 2 Episode 8: “Los angeles Deriva” or “Off target.”

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar.

Plot: Police get started on the lookout for the Professor and Raquel within the woodland. Professor hears a gunshot on microphone as Police in finding Raquel ahead of her break out. Tokyo and Rio damage the armored automotive. Later, it’s published that Raquel is alive and the lure of Alicia used to be faux to damage the Professor emotionally.

Season 2 (Section 2) Episode 1: “Sport Over”.

Directed by means of: Koldo Serra.

Storyline: Nairobi needs to give up to the police for purchasing scientific support so she refused the group for surgical operation. Professor is not able to imagine that Raquel is useless and likewise, he negotiates with Tamayo for Nairobi.

Season 2 (Section 2) Episode 2: “Los angeles Boda de Berlín” or “Berlin’s Wedding ceremony.”

Directed By way of: Javier Quintas

Storyline: Tokyo eliminates the bullet from Nairobi’s chest and takes price of the heist. Raquel is shipped to the Police tent for interrogation.

Season 2 (Section 2) Episode 3: “Lección de anatomía” or “Anatomy Lesson.”

Directed By way of: Álex Rodrigo

Storyline: Raquel’s ex-husband discovered a burnt sim card from the RV. Sierra asks Raquel to make a confession and when Raquel is set to admit, she sees Antonanzas’ watch and understands the Professor’s message. Palermo is helping Gandia to flee and Nairobi turns into aware.

Season 2 (Section 2) Episode 4: “Suspiros de España” or “Pasodoble.”

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar.

Storyline: Palermo tries to kill Nairobi with a pillow however she assaults on his neck with a needle and survives. Gandia reduce the digicam twine ahead of going the Panic Room. Professor informs Tokyo concerning the assault.

Season 2 (Section 2) Episode 5: “5 Minutos antes” or “5 Mins Previous.”

Directed By way of: Koldo Serra, Álex Rodrigo.

Storyline: Professor broadcasts that Palermo can be punished. Rio and Denver are within the elevator and Gandia throws a Bomb in opposition to them. They live to tell the tale the explosion and Gandia escapes during the vent.

Season 2 (Section 2) Episode 6: “KO técnico” or “TKO.”

Directed By way of: Javier Quintas.

Storyline: Gandia restrains Nairobi when the group rushes in opposition to her. He shot her within the head and escaped in an instant. Professor sends Palermo to where the place Rio used to be saved and Denver throws a grenade which injures Gandia. Police assaults on Financial institution.

Season 2 (Section 2) Episode 7: “Tumbar los angeles carpa” or “Strike the Tent.”

Directed By way of: Koldo Serra.

Storyline: Professor got here to learn about Nairobi’s Homicide from Palermo and he publishes posters of Rio “Buried Alive” throughout Madrid. Tamayo cancels the assault on Financial institution and Tokyo attackes Gandia and the group frees her.

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Season 2 (Section 2) Episode 8: “Plan París” or “The Paris Plan”.

Directed By way of: Jesús Colmenar

Storyline: Alicia took the blame in a press convention and positioned Professor’s location. The professor sends the helicopter to Gandia at the roof to flee. The group reunites at the roof whilst Alicia holds the Professor at Gunpoint.


Is it value to observe Cash Heist?

Cash Heist is an exciting and entertaining display with a number of twists and adjustments. Certainly, this can be a a laugh display stuffed with an excellent characters and powerful storyline. This display has no cheats and completely entertains audience. The tale and characters make the display so recent at all times.

That are the most productive VPN to observe Cash Heist?

Specific VPNCyber Ghost VPNPrivate Web AccessPrivate VPNVypr VPNIPVanish VPNZenmate VPNSafer VPN

What’s the tale plot of Cash Heist?

Cash Heist is in line with the tale of a mysterious guy who recruited a gaggle of 8 other folks with code names of towns. This plan used to be made to go into the Royal Mint of Spain and go back again with €984 million. The tale of Cash Primarily based is plot with plans revolving across the police and hostages.   

Who’re the Government manufacturers of Cash Heist?       

Alex PinaSonia MartínezJesúsColmenarEsther Martinez LobatoNacho Manubens

What’s the Spanish call for Cash Heist?  

The Spanish call of the Cash Heist collection is ‘Los angeles casa de papel.’